IN ENGLISH. Latino Pope urges a peaceful rebellion against the predatory capitalism.

Pope Francisco urges humanity to a rebellion against the predatory capitalism is destroying the planet and all living being on it.

In his article for MarketWatch columnist analyzes the speech of the Pope in Bolivia last July 9.

"Francisco's recent trip to South America revealed a clear socialist and anti-capitalist message urging a structural change in the global economy that threatens the project of Jesus," Farrell writes.

This conclusion is based on journalist Pope arguments presented below.

Land, housing and work are "sacred rights"

Everyone has the God-given right to a job, to possession of land and housing, as probably the most bold statement of Pope Francisco.

Of course, they are not promises or goals of the current US economic systems and elsewhere.

Nor are within the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church, although advocates decent work, does not state a right granted by God, says the journalist.

People, not profit, should be the focus of the global economy

Branding the uncontrolled as "subtle dictatorship" and "devil's dung" capitalism Francisco argues that when rules "unbridled greed for money," the "service for the common good is relegated".

"Say 'No!' an economy of exclusion and inequity where money queen instead of serving. That kills economy. That excludes economy. This economy destroys Mother Earth "urges Pope Francisco.

Billions can not wait any longer changes

Referring to the economic injustices Pope said that "time does seem to be running, he did not reach the fighting among ourselves, but we teach fundamental to our house."

Pope mobilizes people, "let us say without fear: we want change, real change, a change of structures."

Change starts from below

Pope stresses that structural changes do not reach "because I won this or that political choice".

Changes from below work, he said, because living "every day, soaked in the knot of human storm" moves and moves.

Moral obligation, a commandment

"The fair distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor is not mere philanthropy is a moral duty for Christians, the burden is even stronger... It is a commandment This is to give back to the poor and the people it they belong, "recalls Francisco.

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