IN ENGLISH. Maduro and Morales Praise teleSUR as the Voice of Latin America.

Marking 10 years since it was created, the Venezuelan and Bolivian presidents talked to news station teleSUR. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Bolivian President Evo Morales spoke with teleSUR in an exclusive interview Friday in commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of teleSUR. Both leaders praised the role played by the outlet in telling the truth about the process of change in the region. 

teleSUR, the brainchild of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, was created to counter the hegemonic voice of private media, that often distorted the work of leftist and revolutionary governments of Latin America.

 “teleSUR is the antitheses of CNN,” said President Maduro, while President Morales said that “teleSUR has become the voice of the people.”

 Patricia Villegas, president of teleSUR, asked both leaders at what moment they realized the importance of an outlet committed to accurately covering news from the region. 

Maduro highlighted the role played by teleSUR during the coup against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras in 2009. He claimed that even right-wing politicians from the region admitted that they turned to teleSUR to witness the events unfold.

 Maduro said that the coverage of the coup against Zelaya was a “trial by fire, where teleSUR showed the truth, a special moment in the history of teleSUR, where it shined next to the peoples of Honduras.”

 Maduro argued that had it not been for teleSUR's coverage, which stood out in contrast to private media that tried to justify the coup, there would have been more coups against progressive leaders in the region. 

President Evo Morales spoke about the importance of having an outlet that speaks the truth. “The contribution of teleSUR is so important... it is an outlet that is ours,” said Morales who added that it is “important to have an outlet that defends the peoples of Latin America, those people who are in a constant process of liberation.”


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